Adding Sites to Index

To add an externship site description to the index, email Dr. Jerome Short ( and include your website link describing the externship (preferred because you can make changes to your externship information and save me time and effort), or word document or pdf if you do not have a website. Please include the following descriptions for your externship.

  1. Date of Information
  2. Contact Information (Name of externship, name of director/coordinator, street address, telephone, email, and webpage if available)
  3. General Information (Number of positions, start and end dates, required meetings or days of the week attendance, prerequisite training or experience, and any stipend)
  4. Description of Externship (Populations served, assessment and/or intervention training experiences, and amount and type of supervision)
  5. Application Information (Materials to be submitted, how submitted, deadline for submission, and information about interviewing, time frame, or how decisions are made)